Ambera Wellmann

born 1982

Ambera Wellmann is a Canadian painter living in Berlin. In her paintings, she explores the ways of depicting female corporeality, thus reworking its entanglement in the history of painting. The series of paintings is preceded by an in-depth study of techniques and ways of depicting the body in works with which the artist enters into a dialogue. One such example is a series in which the body is painted using a technique borrowed from porcelain figurines created since the 18th century in Europe’s the oldest porcelain factory in Meissen. Wellmann confronts the historical forms of representation of carnality with the undefined and surplus character of female desire. Captured in an erotic configuration, the bodies form an amorphous unity. They are often fragmented, and their individual elements are multiplied and depicted on several planes. In this way, the female body emancipated from its form becomes a constellation of corporeal adventures.

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