Megan Rooney

born 1986

Megan Rooney creates a personal language of artistic expression through simultaneously developing her painting, sculpture, and poetry practice. She combines the aesthetics of sensual figuration with traditional craftsmanship and abstract painting. In her paintings, assemblages, and installations she often refers to domestic space and uses perverse language games. As in the installation ‘S S S in a garden’, consisting of five snakes made of clay, paint, fabric and bird food and referencing the so-called draught snakes, draught cushions for windowsills, fashioned from scraps of fabric and filled with grains that were popular between the 1950s-70s. Rooney juxtaposes the sensuality of the disturbing, animal nature with the product of feminine care for the hearth, offering the snakes a fairy-tale character of figures from legends and folk-tales.

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