Sasa Lubińska

born 1990

Sasa Lubińska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk with a degree in painting. She creates in various media, runs a YouTube blogging channel, and is the co-creator of the Łódź-based art collective, Dom Mody Limanka [Fashion House Limanka]. Her works are often the result of recycling of the surrounding reality. The artist draws on pop culture’s cache of masculinity and femininity in order to transform and flip these concepts for her own use. She is often inspired by Łódź street style and the aesthetics of the 1990s in particular. The work presented at the exhibition was created as part of a series — decorations prepared for a queer party. The artist created the piece using fabric purchased at a legendary textile shop in Łódź. She added a pink beard, fashioned from a wig obtained at the Chinese centre in Wólka Kosowska near Warsaw. Razzmatazz and a semblance of luxury fashioned from cheap and second hand materials is a strategy often used by Lubińska. The image depicting a non-heteronormative character toys with the audience’s gender expectations and the way in which they are identified as stereotypes. Here, all qualities traditionally attributed to either gender seem to be rather theatrical.

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