Paulina Stasik

born 1990

Paulina Stasik works with painting, drawing and digital photography. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She is interested in the body as an object of tenderness and an object of consumption. On the one hand, Stasik tells the story of a dream, in which this object of adoration merges into a symbiotic unity with the subject of love. On the other hand, Armin Meiwes — a German computer scientist who committed murder with the consent of the victim and later consumed her body — has inspired her work. Transporting select fragments of the body onto the canvas, the artist studies its details. Juxtaposed, these become a part of unreal situations, as if taken out of a dream. Cool colours introduce an element of anxiety — one does not know what kind of body they are dealing with: alive or dead. At the same time, the gesture of supporting one's head or the way in which the particular bodily parts are touching one another — visible in the images presented at the exhibition — suggests closeness, tenderness, and care.

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