Agata Słowak

born 1994

Agata Słowak is a visual artist, creating oil paintings, spatial objects and textiles. She is currently completing her studies at the Faculty of Painting, and a member of the Commission for Equal Opportunities and Countering Discrimination within the Student Council at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In her work, she engages with autobiographical themes, and issues of anthropology of culture and feminism. She reflects on the role of women in the society, the causes for exclusion and the history of madness. She strives to bring out the expressive qualities of the body and to create an anxious mood rife with tensions that escape a clear definition. A recurring motif in Słowak’s art is the role of ritual and magic as alternative forms of conveying knowledge and creating female communities. The space of the canvas becomes a meeting place for animal instincts, dark desires, and carnal drives.

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